Welcome to Novlify!

Novlify makes it easy to layout your ideas and organize your thoughts. Quickly outline your plot, then write your drafts with ease. We will help you get that first draft finished as soon as possible!

Simple and Easy

Novlify Allows you to Outline and Draft your chapters with ease. With its Event List Feature, you can quickly outline the chapters of a novel and not worry about details and structure. Along with allowing you to draft and outline your chapter, you can also track the setting of the chapter, which will help you visualize the events.

Fast and Fun

Other features of Novlify include the Character, Location, and Note management. With these tools, you can keep track of the characters and settings of your novel and save detailed information about each of them. The Notes feature allows you to quickly put down your thoughts and ideas that you can edit and come back to anytime.

For Everyone

Novlify is for every author, from novice to professional. The aim of Novlify to to help people learn to write in a fun and new way, using the latest technology. Novlify is built on top of open source software such as Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, and NodeJS.